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Lesley Shahid Fuller is a songwriter, dancer, actor and a musician who was born on the 2nd of May 1994 in KwaZulu-Natal 101 Base place who goes by the stage name Slay’By Lann.



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From an early age of going through such circumstances of being raised by a single parent due to his father facing a life sentence in prison due to gang violence, Slay’By Lann had a decision to rise to the occasion and succeed with the talents he manage to obtain from his struggles as growing up as a low life and classified as a nothing due to his circumstances.


age 7

At the age of 7, years old his grandmother who visited from Italy decided to relocate and move to Cape Town the young Slay’By Lann was a classified as a rebel child and never play by the rules of society but was always the entertainer he has matured into today.

His grandmother saw that he was trouble and never understood why he couldnt have a normal life by having both his parents around and decided to buy him a notepad and advised him to write down all his feelings about his situation in order to prevent him from going into the same footsteps as his father and end up in gang violence and landing in prison.

He then decided to take his grandmother’s advise and write down all his emotions and all his good and bad days he spent writing and from writing it turned to poetry from poetry is began to make sweet melodies that he began composing into music.


age 16

At the age of 16, it was official as he was classified as one of greatest dancers ever to touch down in South Africa and still young Slay was introverted and loved writing but at this age writing about everything he was experiencing including falling inlove and out of love and being hated by others who began to envy the young talent.


Slay’By Lann stands for Slay Baby Lantana which to him ment kill newborn flowers, in which a Lantana is a bunch of colorful flowers in which represent all Slay’By Lann’s talents blossoming into a newborn light everytime it is exercised.


Slay’By Lann is on of the most promising and exciting new up coming Rappers/Musician EVER to come out of South Africa currently.